Base oils and lubricants.
We have a well-oiled process in place at Standic

Base oils and lubricants are vital for a number of markets worldwide, including the automotive industry, the marine industry, the industrial sector and the food industry. Standic is your partner in base oils and lubricants and offers various solutions for your market:

Customised tank storage

Standic is the right company for anyone wanting to store various quantities of base oils and lubricants. With 163 tanks in 15 different sizes – varying from 156 m³ to 6,600 m³ – we are always able to offer you the best solution to your specific storage needs. That is why all of our tanks feature automated volume and temperature measurement as well.

Optional services

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for the storage of your base oils and lubricants? Our tank terminal has been fully upgraded to bring it into line with modern standards and offers customers a number of optional services, liked heated storage, blending and nitrogen blanketing on site.

Reliable partners

Standic is based in the port of Dordrecht and has various neighbours that specialise in lubricants for motor oils and lubricant blending and filling. We will be pleased to put you in contact with them for any additional services you might require.

Loading and unloading flexbags

Flexbags are economically smart and easy to clean. However, loading and unloading them is more labour intensive than when loading and unloading tank trucks. Standic is pleased to offer customers the expertise it has on the skilled loading and unloading of flexbags. Good to know: filters are used as standard when loading and unloading tank trucks.

Would you like to know more about how to store your Base oils & lubricants?

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