Your hub for biodiesels

Whether you want to store pure biodiesels – during production, for example – or a blend of biodiesels and conventional diesels: Standic is the partner for you. We have many years’ experience in the storage of biodiesels and other sustainable energy products, and we offer you products and services including:

storage tanks

Standic is the right company for anyone wanting to store various quantities of biodiesels. With 163 tanks in 15 different sizes – varying from 156 m³ to 6,600 m³ – we are always able to offer you the best solution to your specific storage needs. That is why all of our tanks feature automated volume and temperature measurement as well.


As a hub for biodiesel storage, we are able to offer our customers something extra. For example, blending with diesel and other biodiesels, heating and board-to-board options are all available at our tank terminal, and for people looking for nitrogen blanketing, nitrogen is also available.


Standic is certified, which means that we have achieved compliance with international ISCC guidelines on the sustainable and climate-friendly use of biomass and bio-energy.

Your personal
customs specialist

Standic is at your service! Our specialists know what they are talking about and will be pleased to advise you, whether about European customs legislation, various excise authorisations or other storage-related and tax-related subjects. Why not let us help you save money and time?

Would you like to know more about how to store your biodiesels?

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