Your one-stop-shop
for tank storage

From sound advice to the complete optimisation of your logistics process: Standic is always ready to help. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all principle: we are proud to be able to offer each and every customer a customised product and service. Besides, Standic is a neutral supplier and optimises your entire supply chain: from storage solutions to just-in-time delivery to the final destination. As a one-stop-shop for all your storage and logistics needs, we can offer you the following:

First come, first served

With 30 loading and unloading bays throughout our tank terminal, we can process tank trucks quickly without slot times. This guarantees you faster logistical handling times and a better level of service, customised to your specific needs.

Board-to-board options

In addition to fast logistical handling, thanks to its high jetty capacity, Standic offers customers board-to-board options when transferring liquids between two ships at the jetty.

First-class infrastructure and terminal systems

Our tank terminal has been fully upgraded to bring it into line with modern standards. Both tank pit 6 and the recently completed tank pit 7 have their own tank line, pump and loading arm. We are also able to offer customers a weighbridge and automated volume and temperature measurement for all tanks. This way, we guarantee that you’ll always benefit from the very best systems.


Safety always comes first at Standic. To protect your product, we offer you the option of nitrogen blanketing. This optimises the quality of your product. Nitrogen blanketing is possible in all of our tanks.

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