Committed and responsive

Since 2007, Standic and Haan Oil Storage are part of Hametha. Just like this healthy family business, we are a middle-sized company that is committed and responsive.

Your partner in storage for 62 years

In Dordrecht, Standic has been an established business for 62 years. In 2021, we will proudly open a brand-new terminal in Antwerp, which will enable us to serve our chemical customers even better. Standic does not offer storage exclusively to large industrial parties – we also serve niche players and specialists.

Standic and society

Reliable entrepreneurship also means being good to the people around you. That is why we are the proud sponsor of the Princess Máxima Centre for child oncology and the High Five Foundation in Dordrecht. This foundation supports kids between 4 and 16 years old whose parents are member of the food bank. Standic also co-financed the construction of the OERRR Speelnatuur Tiengemeten.

World-wide presence

Standic can regularly be found at events focusing on tank storage, logistics, chemicals, biofuels and lubricants. Unfortunately, all planned events are currently canceled. Obviously, we are happy to welcome you at our office (while observing corona rules), or we can meet online.

7 - 9 december 2021
15th Annual GPCA Forum
Dubai, UAE
15th Annual GPCA Forum
29 - 30 September 2021
European Bulk Liquid Storage 2021
Cartagena, Spain
European Bulk Liquid Storage 2021


It goes without saying that Standic meets all legal rules and regulations and quality requirements. Our materials are constantly monitored and comply with all industry-related quality norms and seals of approval.

Want to know more about Standic?

Want to know more about the way we work and the people behind Standic?