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On 1 July 2020, Job officially became terminal manager of our new terminal in Antwerp. What does his new job and his team look like? And what are his plans for the future? “I aim for team spirit and high safety standards.”

“During my first days, I was introduced to the project team, suppliers and partners working on the construction of the terminal. After I set up my workplace, I took the time to talk to all the colleagues who will be part of our new team at the Antwerp terminal. During the first phase, we will start with around twenty colleagues, working in four or five shifts. From 1 September and 1 November onwards, all our new colleagues will start a training period of fifteen weeks. This way, we make sure they get to know the theory, practice, processes and activities from A to Z.”

The team will be expanded step by step. “Once everything is finished, the terminal in Antwerp will offer dozens of tanks and three loading quays, so we will need a large, dedicated team. In setting up this team, I really focus on team spirit and high safety standards. I think it’s important to create a close-knit team that collaborates efficiently and isn’t afraid to remind someone of their safety responsibilities.”

Just like his colleagues, Job looks forward to closely follow the progress of the new terminal construction. “These are beautiful, exciting times. Usually, a new terminal is built once every thirty or fifty years, so it’s quite a unique event for us. The port of Antwerp is a great location, both regarding it’s role as a chemical hub and the geographical and cultural location; close to the Scheldt and the MAS. I also talked to various partners and suppliers who are already impressed by the working methods in the Antwerp port. The companies located in this area are working neatly and are all very helpful and cooperative. I’m proud that Standic is part of this chapter in the history of the port.”