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We’re proud to update you on the latest news regarding our Antwerp activities. We’re well on schedule with the first tank pits operational by 1 April 2021. You can also read about the people who are working hard to get the terminal up & running in time. What does their job entail and how do they cooperate?

We are working hard to welcome the first customers at our new chemical storage terminal in Antwerp in Q2 2021. We are happy to give you an update on the construction progress:

  • The first 60 of 79 tanks have been installed. These 60 tanks vary in size from 500 m3 to 3,500 m3 in six tank pits. In total we will have completed 8 tank pits in this first phase.
  • The first tank pits are expected to be operational by 1 April 2021, the last tank pits will follow later in Q2.
  • The associated weighbridges, pipe bridges, pumps and loading arms are also largely in place.

Many existing and also new customers have already indicated that they would like to store their chemical products at our new terminal in 2021. That is good news and a confirmation for us that there is much confidence in our storage and customized services.